A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

[Project from Berlin Mini Game Jam at March 2015. Built from scratch in 8h.]


You're the guardian of the triangles - destroy the filthy boxes!

A triangle goes on rampage and tries to triangulate the whole world. Boxes sucks!


Amon Kalagin - Art (2D & 3D)

Michael Oelke - Code, Music, SFX

Viktor Pekar - Code & Presentation

You can check out the code here: https://github.com/vikpek/BerlinMiniJamMarch2015

Install instructions

Just download, unpack and start the executable!


Movement - Arrow keys

Weapon Switching - 1 until 4 (numkeys)

Shooting - Space

Shoot the right color at the correct box-side color to destroy them. White boxes can be destroyed by any shot. Once you destroyed all boxes reach the end of the level (green area) to win the game.


Trihard.app.zip 28 MB
Trihard_win64.zip 25 MB