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"The Truth about Ada is a story-driven arcade puzzle-shooter in a steampunk setting where the player has to hack a evil machine by destroying encoded cylinders."


London 1851: Help the worlds first female hacker in a story-driven steampunk puzzle-shooter to destroy an evil machine in space invaders style. Use a PC-controller or keyboard to save innocent lifes and get to know the truth about Ada Lovelace.

Team & Roles

  • 2D Art: Zoe Leandra Nagel (Cutscenes, Concept), Raphael Koller (Logo, Textures, Concept)
  • 3D Art: Raphael Koller
  • Game Design: Carsten Scheer
  • Programming: Christoph Potas, Viktor Pekar
  • Music & SFX: Manfred Tausch
    • Piano: Manfred Tausch
    • Cello: Henrike von Bayer
  • Production: Viktor Pekar


Genre: Story-driven puzzle-shooter in steampunk setting taking place in London 1851.

Platform(s): PC/Mac/Linux (Unity Support)