A downloadable game for Windows

Made for EPIC GAME JAM 2015: http://epicgamejam.com

Controls: WASD + Mouse

Shoot Smoothies: Mouse 1
Jump: Space

Find Meow Zedongs Gallery. Throw Ketchup Smoothies on the ground to kill Hellhounds, which protect Meow Zedongs fortress. Meow decided to poison the earths water supplies - you have to stop him soldier!

This is a solo learning jam project where I used Unreal Engine for the first time. Bugs are endless and functionality very limited. Unfortunately the packaging messed up the enemy AI... So they're just standing around in the download version :((((

Used themes:

  • 90% water, 10% evil, 5% skin: Kind of ... You have to sabotage a fortress to save water supplies from evil Meow Zedong.
  • Meow Zedong: Your opponent
  • Ketchup is a smoothie: Smoothies are your weapon. Because.
  • Barking hellhounds: The guardians of the fortress.
  • Ressurection: You'll be reborn. More often than you like.

There is no Winscreen due to limited time. You win when you reach all terminals or just have fun.


  • Propaganda posters: Jenn Miller & freestock images.
  • Unreal Starter Package for First Person Shooter.
  • Rest: Me (Viktor Pekar ;))