A downloadable game for macOS

[Due to Mini Jam constrictions - this version is only tested under Mac OSX and a leap motion controller is required for playing. More Versions might follow...]

After Azrael is a survival game in which you take control of a ship and travel through space. Avoid the asteroids or blast them out of your way.

The whole game has been built at the Berlin Mini Game Jam (December) by

Allan Cudicio (Game Design & Presentation),

Gareth Burns (Game Design),

Richard Wepner (Code Lead),

Robert Luecke (Game Design),

Dennis Lieu (Code),

Volker Krux (Art & Game Design),

Marcel Benes (2D Art),

Amon Kalagin (3D Art),

Viktor Pekar (Code & Presentation)


AfterAzrael.app.zip 32 MB